Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most common questions.

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We accept a wide variety of clean and functional outdoor apparel and equipment, including:

  • Hiking boots and shoes
  • Backpacking gear (packs, tents, sleeping bags)
  • Camping equipment (chairs, stoves, cookware)
  • Outdoor clothing (jackets, pants, base layers)
  • And more!

Your gear should be clean, free of rips, tears, or major defects, and in good working order. We want to ensure our customers are getting high-quality, reliable outdoor equipment.

We offer competitive consignment rates based on the brand, condition, and current demand for your item. Our experienced staff will assess your gear and set a fair price.

Bring in your Gear: Just stop by Trailhead Trader with your clean and functional outdoor gear.

Sign Up Online: For your convenience, you can create a free account on our online system to track your items and earnings (even if they’re not individually listed online).

Expert Evaluation: Our staff will assess your gear, set competitive prices, and ensure it’s displayed prominently in our store.

We handle the in-store marketing and sales process, making it smooth and stress-free.

Fast Payouts: Once your item sells, you’ll receive a prompt notification and your earnings via your chosen payout method.

The time it takes for your gear to sell depends on various factors like brand, seasonality, and demand. However, our well-established reputation and high customer traffic often lead to quick sales.

We’ll work with you to determine the best course of action. You can choose to have your gear returned to you after a set period or adjust the price to increase its appeal. You can even donate your gear and receive a receipt for your donation!

While we primarily focus on consignment, we may occasionally offer outright purchase options for specific items. Feel free to inquire with our staff for details.

We recommend cleaning your gear thoroughly before bringing it in.

Feel free to bring in multiple items at once. The more you consign, the more you can earn!