How Consignment Works

What is consignment?

Consignment is a business arrangement where you, the owner of goods, provide them to Trailhead Trader for sale without transferring ownership immediately.

Instead, we sell your items on your behalf, and you receive payment once the items are sold. This allows you to reach a broader audience without the upfront risk, as you retain ownership until a sale is made. At Trailhead Trader, we make the process seamless, ensuring your items are well-displayed and marketed to maximize their potential.

How do I consign with Trailhead?


Indentify The Right Gear

If you have any gently used Outdoor Adventure Gear that fits into the items we can consign gather them up and bring them to our store for consideration. If you have large items, please call ahead!


Consign or Donate Your Items

You can choose to consign your used gear or donate to a Nonprofit in the store.

Items are typically consigned for sale for 90 days. Not all items are accepted.

Donations receipts are provided by Hope Wanders.


Consignment Pricing

Trailhead offers great value for customers by offering apparel and equipment up to 50% off retail MSRP. Our consignment rates are detailed here so you can see how much money you will make when your item sells.


Getting Paid

As your consigned items are sold, you can view your payment balance in our consignment software. You can use your balance towards items in the store or receive a payment every 30 days.